Re-claim the true, natural authentic self you
were born as but which society has stripped from you!
        Once returned to you, the authentic self will lead you to your utmost purpose in life, which then will serve as your special tool for bringing true love, happiness, joy and peace to all of Humanity!

The Struggle for the Authentic Self: Creating Your True Self for a Peaceful World concerns itself with the issue of self identity and awareness, as such, it is built around two inter-related and very central questions:  “Who is the real me?” and “What is my purpose for living in the human world?”  In response to these two and other related questions, the book’s purpose is to awaken in individuals an intense desire to live an authentic reality, recognizing that their self identity, constructed mainly from society's forces and conditions, is not their true, authentic self.  The authentic self originates from our deep inner feelings, emotions, passion and creativity or what is popularly referred to as our intuitive intelligence or knowledge, our highest intelligence.   

Dr. Padilla integrated the work of social scientists, philosophers, quantum physicists, spiritual mystics, writers and practitioners, literary writers, singers and his personal experience to create a text which aims to inspire individuals to recognize that the attainment of the authentic self represents the ultimate, infinite purpose for which they live in the human world.  That all other “finite” purposes, like the pursuit of happiness and love, living in caring and compassion cannot come prior to the attainment of the authentic self.  How can a person feel love for self and others when that person does not know self from within the essence and beauty of his/her true nature? 

Dr. Padilla uses the word struggle in the title of the book to firmly establish how the attainment of the authentic self represents a struggle, a conscious battle or fight to be waged against the conditioned mind or “lesser self” that society has heavily influenced.  So, individuals must declare war against their minds that have become accustomed to think and live in a particular way--the way of society rather than their authentic way.  The other major struggle is against those forces and conditions in society that work relentlessly to persuade and maintain people living in a life of conformity, an ordinary, common life wherein they simply follow the standard rules and regulations of society. 

In addition, Dr. Padilla uses the word struggle because once we reclaim the true authentic self, we will recognize that our struggle was on behalf of all of humanity.  Once we win our struggle, in other words, we will experience true, ever-lasting love and happiness; we will experience the most incredible connection with the rest of the world, making us want to naturally and with profound heart-felt love inspire others to take on the struggle for the authentic self.   


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