The Struggle for the Authentic Self:

Creating Your True Self for a Peaceful World





By: Dr. Felix M. Padilla












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Everyone should know that they are born with a very special purpose.  Everyone should know that for their purpose to manifest itself in its special form, it must be in direct alignment with their true inner nature, passion and creativity.  And everyone should know that only the authentic self can enable individuals to live lastingly through the guidance of their inner nature, passion and creativity. Only the authentic self is capable of leading individuals to their special purpose and overall profound life adventure for which they walk on the Earth.  But most people do not know. 

 To not know the fundamental fact that only the authentic self can lead to our utmost purpose and mission in the human world means that most individuals spend their lives searching and chasing after what their ordinary, conventional self or the self conditioned by society guides them to.  And that which is attained through searches steered by the ordinary, conventional self is never fully satisfying.  It cannot bring a true sense of self fulfillment, joy and happiness.   In fact, the opposite is the case.    Searches and chases followed by individuals operating from the level of consciousness of the ordinary, conventional self are very likely to produce experiences filled with a great deal of disappointment, confusion, frustration, and regrets.  Eventually individuals arrive at a point in their lives when they recognize that they are not really happy with their lives, that they are not happy doing whatever they happen to do be doing.  They realize that what they are doing with their lives is for no other reason than to fulfill what their ordinary or conventional self defines as their purpose in the human world.    

Given this state of affairs, it is not difficult to understand why there is so much unhappiness in the human world:  most people are literally living against their true nature.  Rather than being guided by the authentic self and living by following their true dream and purpose, most people find themselves simply doing what society tells them.  Again, most people are not aware that this is how they live every single day of their existence.    

This great tragic and confusing situation facing individuals the world over prompted me to write this book. 

I assigned the book three major aims. 

The first is by far the most fundamental.  I want to spark a fire that will awaken in individuals a very deep and intense craving to examine closely their self identity so they can begin to recognize how the self identity they have always known, embraced so tightly and cherished for so long does not truly originate from the real inner sources of authenticity that inherently exist in all of us.  Rather than deriving from deep within, from their hearts and souls, from their intuitive feelings, emotions, beliefs, passion and creativity, the self or personality individuals have developed over time and through which they are living their human experiences in the present moment is a creation shaped by people, social forces and conditions of their social and cultural environment.  As I point out later in the book, individuals really live through the personality society has conditioned them to adopt rather than their own.  

The second aim, which represents the solution to the problem described in the first aim, is to help awaken in individuals a desire to re-discover the true authentic self they were born with and which now exists in a dormant state inside each one of us yearning to be called upon, impatiently itching to be invited to come forth to serve as our guiding light. This purpose is built on the premise that it is the birthright of each individual person in the world to re-discover and return to the authentic self. That it is their responsibility to themselves and to the whole world to become the true, authentic self they were originally born as, for only individuals who attain the true, authentic self live in self-fulfillment and are the ones soundly equipped to make a true and long lasting difference in the world.

The third and most important aim stems from my great optimism and faith that once individuals summon or bring forth their authentic self and begin to experience the liberating essence and unique splendor of living in and through this level of higher consciousness, they will be naturally moved to use their personal experiences to awaken in others the same longing. To awaken in others a passionate desire to reclaim the authentic self represents the supreme act an individual person can ever carry out.  There is no greater deed or form of caring and giving a person can ever express to others.    

There is one very important element about the process of attaining the authentic self I must briefly mention here.  

As critically important and necessary the attainment of the authentic self is for living in true and total self-fulfillment, as important as the attainment of the authentic self is for the whole human world--its quest is something no one can force or impose on you.  The quest for the authentic self is something for which each individual person must find his or her own inspiration or motivation. 

What this means is that if the inspiration for pursuing the authentic self comes from someone else, or if it is something you are doing to please others, then the quest is not authentic; it is inauthentic.  And like all inauthentic quests, it will simply not work.   

On the other hand, if during or after reading this book, for example, you begin to recognize and acknowledge that indeed you lack awareness of your true self, that you do not know the real authentic you, and when individuals lack awareness of the true authentic self, they can be easily manipulated, taken advantage of and controlled—only then will you be inspired to embark upon the path of an authentic human experience. Only when you recognize, on your own, how living without knowing your authentic self is at the root of all your personal problems and conditions, as well as at the root of all social problems in society and the entire human world—this is a moment of inspiration, this is the moment that can send you on your way to reconnect with your authentic self.

Next, if you decide to follow the journey of authenticity, you must do it your way. You cannot build your authentic self by copying or imitating the thoughts, ideas and actions of others.  Your authentic self must be the reflection of your inner nature.  One of the messages I always pass on to my students is, “do not follow me.  You must work to find your true voice.  There is no voice like yours.”

Our authentic self is the greatest gift we can give to the world since this is the natural self of love, caring, compassion, cooperation, partnership and long-lasting happiness.  But we must keep in mind a statistical fact I examine closely later in the book:  the overwhelming majority of people, 95% of the population to be more exact, do not know the authentic self.  Therefore, it is going to take a valiant act from your part to attain it.  It is going to take a great deal of courage to reconnect with the authentic self in a world saturated with so many in-authentic individuals as well as reinforcing anti-authentic social forces and conditions.